Frequent Asked Questions

How to add a Chippie pin to your phone?

Press *191* PIN and them # SEND

How to view your Chippie credit and Chippie expiration date?

Press #191# Send

How to get the voice instruction for Chippie?

Dial *91 SEND or 99991 then SEND

I am in the USA and want to check my credit and expiration date

Make sure your UTS Chippie have service. You will not see UTS or Chippie; you will see either ATT or T-Mobile, If you do not see service bars, you should turn your phone off and on again . When you confirm service on your phone , you can press #191# then SEND or CALL

Can I check my chippie expiration date online?

Yes, you can now check you chippie expiration date online, when you have been using our Recharge Topup service or have bought Topup credit from one of the Xtreme Communication Retailers. This service can't calculate the expiration date, when you use PIN products to recharge your phone. To check your Chippie Expiration date

How to activate my Flexible Prepaid Blackberry Service with Chippie?

There are two services available: Blackberry Social (gives access to Facebook, Twitter, MSN Messenger, Blackberry Messenger and BB App World) and Blackberry Internet (gives access to all the social services as well as internet browsing and email service). Send your SMS activation code to 3838 and get activated instantly. You may need to restart your device

SMS to 3838
30 Days 10 Days 1 Day
BB Social ANG 20.00
ANG 7.50
ANG 1.50
BB Internet ANG 50.00
ANG 20.00
Not Available

I paid for my  Recharge  order but I didnt receive the credits on my phone?

Unfortunately, it happens sometimes that when we submit the Recharge to UTS Chippie, it does not get processed. However we automatically get notified that there is an error and as soon as the system is reset we will process your order manually. It depends on the technical difficulties that determines how long this will take. You can notify us by going to Contact us and fill out the form.

I have a Chippie, prepaid card but it's in papiamento, how can I change the language?

To change from paplemento to English call *91 and follow the prompts.

Language menu: press 3
* Cancel menu
1 English
2 French
3 Spanish
4 Papiamento
5 Dutch

How to set up Internet on my I-Phone using Chippie?

On your I-Phone go to:
1. Settings
2. General
3. Network
4. Cellular Data Network
5. Enter:
    USERNAME: netuser
    PASSWORD: net123
To activate GPRS service: Send SMS to 5555 with text “ATE ON” You will receive the following message: “You have requested to be subscribed to ATE.
Please reply to 5555 with A for Nokia or Sony/Ericsson, or B for other brands and receive 3 install messages”
Make sure you use A for I-Phone and not B

How to set up Internet on a Samsung Galaxy S2 or similar Phone  using Chippie?

To activate GPRS service: Send SMS to 5555 with text “ATE ON”

It will ask you to respond with "NET ON" (or NET OFF when you want to cancel your subscription)

When you sent NET ON, it will asked you to send "A".  You will receive "You are now subscribed to NET. Installation-messages can not be send to yur phone. Visit for further instructions".

Now you program in your phone the APN/Username/Password

USERNAME: netuser
PASSWORD: net123

Then power down and power back up the phone and now you should have internet

UTS GSM BANDS 900/1800 Mhz



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